Does your piano require tuning?                             

              Salvatore Fama

Qualified piano tuner with working experience by the historical German piano manufacturing company Blüthner in Leipzig, where I had the chance to tune over 450 brand new pianos.

Competent, flexible (including weekends) friendly and  good English speaking.

 satisfaction guaranteed!

(I use latex disposable cloves)

A piano requires minimum 1 tuning per year even if it is not being used at all as maintenance just to keep the pitch close to pitch standard  A440 Hz or A442 and A443 as some people prefer. The reason why the pitch of a neglected piano sinks is due to the 15 to 20 tons of traction exercised by its strings, that's right, 15 thousand to 20 thousand Kg,  depending on the length of the piano we calculate an average of 70 up to 90 kg X 220 strings and we get the enormous result.

That is the reason why by delaying  the tuning is not convenient because the lower is the pitch more tunings are required to get it to pitch standard, and the more tunings are needed to pull up the pitch, higher is the risk to damage the tuning pins or break the strings. More economically convenient is to let it tune once per year even if the instrument if it is not used,  this extends its longevity.

For a hobby Players 2 tunings are oft sufficient, more demanding or professional players usually require more,  high schools and conservatoires  necessitate 8 up to 12 tunings per year.

Services and Rates

I work in Mainz and withing a radius of 40 Km, in Mainz and Wiesbaden no extra charges.

Outside MZ-WI area please ask me, a short email or via sms will do, which I'd be glad to answer soon.

A Fine tuning costs 105-Euro

Pitch and fine tuning 195-Euro

I also offer my expertise to inspection a piano you might want to buy by private or via internet such as on Ebay, as you might think you are going to get a bargain getting home a piano paying only 200 to 500 euros when in reality its value is nil and you even have to pay no less then 170 euros for its transport. In this case oft with 30 euro you avoid the risk to waste hundreds of Euros.

Piano inspection costs 40 Euros up to 30 minutes (oft enough to tell if its worth buying it or not) then 1,50 Euro per minute.


Salvatore Fama

Mobile: 0162 / 978 1430 (also per sms )

For appointments you can ask per telephone or also write me per email
or sms the days and times you are available for a piano tuning and I will contact you as soon as possible to give and appointment on one of those days during the hours you suggest if possible..